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Saturday, November 12, 2011

arwah Bushirie, kehilanganmu sangat dirasai. al-fatihah.

aku hanya nak share note yang dikarang oleh Teacher Yus (cikgu BI aku dekat Sester dulu). note ni pasal kenangan teacher Yus dengan arwah Bushirie. sebak aku baca note Teacher Yus ni..

The Day He Went Away by Teacher Wan Yusnita
at 1.28 am, i received a msg telling me that he had passed away. i didnt know how to react to the news of his death & stared in disbelief at the msg & reread it again & again. ive expected he would go but this was too soon. ive texted every teacher in the school about the news & some replied.

in the morning, i and a few planned to go to his house to pay our last respect. by then, i told my mom of the news & my mom instantly cried. we both cried as this was the 4th death we faced in 2 months. it was very near to each other & there's too little time for us to heal. in these 2 months, ive lost 4 people that i love & care for. my mom was devastated & our family sometimes just couldnt cope up.
my mom quickly assured me that it was the best for him as he's been sick for 2 years. as planned, i met up with my colleagues at a spot & drove together to his house. it welcomed us in a numb & lifeless look any house would be when death occurs. we walked in rhythm & immediately scouted for his mother.
i was the last to see her & when i hugged her, i couldnt control my tears. once the mother said it's probably the best for him, i just couldnt utter any word of comfort but cried for i didnt know how to react. the mother explained that he's been in and out of icu in these 2 months. the last was for 21 days & his mother requested to bring him home for aidil adha. once at home, he caught a fever & finally died in peace that night. 
i was crying profusely as i realised that ive been in the same hospital during the 21 days of him in the icu as i frequented it to visit my sister's mother in law. she also had passed away due to critical head injury after a 3 week coma. i regretted that i didnt visit him before after last year. obligations & duties were my reasons but i should make time.
i went home crying all the way in the car remembering that he died 2 weeks before SPM & he was also hospitalised for his sickness 2 weeks before SPM back in 2009. i visited him everyday & brought him all his notes & taught him english. i was just his english teacher but i just couldnt leave him alone there in the hospital. maybe i cared too much. 
he was a fighter indeed. everyone thought that he would stop trying & sit for his exam in the hospital but he didnt. he fought hard & returned back to school for it. i was probably the happiest to see him in his school uniform & when he came to the staff room showing me his essay.
when others asked, was he my mentee, i answered 'no'. was he my favourite, i answered 'no'. i did it because i cared i guess. no special reason for it as he was such a nice fellow & i didnt want him to feel abandoned & left behind when others were at school with each other. he was also this guy who would cheer others up with his jokes. a cool one & usually effortless. he's a natural comedian & i remembered him as a spirited hockey player. that's how we started being good friends.
he is now gone. i had so much hope that he would be cured as there's a bright future that awaits him but God loves him more. he has been sick for years & tested for his patience in agony which none of us could ever imagine. i believe it is the BEST for him to be taken by God to a better place (heaven)
to those who knows BUSHIRIE, remember him as the person that could always make you smile & cheerful. remember him as a fighter &  pray for his happiness in the hereafter. wallahualam.
(credit to Teacher Yusnita)

arwah Bushirie merupakan classmate aku masa Form 5. perwatakannya yang ceria, suka buat bising dalam kelas, suka buat lawak (macam Teacher Yus cakap, he is a natural comedian) dan peramah membuatkan dia mudah untuk didekati. kalau satu hari tu tiba-tiba dia tak masuk kelas, maka kelas 5 Al-Khawarizmi akan sunyi sepi tanpa suara penghuninya bergelak ketawa. arwah juga merupakan seorang yang aktif dalam bidang sukan. olahraga, hoki, bola baling, bola tampar semua dia masuk. arwah dah lama sakit buah pinggang tu, tapi aku tak sure sejak bila. cuma yang aku ingat masa form 5 dulu dia pernah dimasukkan ke hospital sebab kesihatannya masa tu tak berapa elok. masa tu lagi 2 minggu nak SPM. satu petang tu, kami semua (kelas 5 Al-Khawarizmi) pergi melawat dia dekat hospital sambil bawa nota dan soalan-soaan spot untuk dia. masa tu aku menangis tengok dia sebab keadaan fizikal dia berubah sikit. muka dia nampak macam membengkak (ustaz aku kata effect ubat dan dialisis). tapi masa tu dia still boleh buat lawak dengan kitorang. dia siap gelakkan lagi kami budak-budak perempuan yang dok tahan sebak tengok keadaan dia. sape tak sedih tengok kawan yang selama ni sihat walafiat, aktif masuk sukan itu ini tiba-tiba terbaring dekat katil hospital. 

arwah Bushirie menghembuskan nafas terakhir pada malam raya Aidiladha yang lalu. pemergiannya sangat-sangat dirasai oleh kami semua. benarlah ape yang Muhyi cakap, "kita kehilangan seorang kawan yang pernah menceriakan hidup kita". Al-Fatihan untuk arwah Bushirie. terima kasih sebab pernah brainwash aku masa aku dah hampir-hampir give-up dengan Add Math dulu. kalau tak mesti aku dah quite dari Sester. doa kami mengiringi pemergianmu. :')

arwah Bushirie. semoga ditempatkan dalam kalangan orang-orang beriman, kawan...

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